Re: --with-ncurses problems

Pavel Roskin wrote:

>> - Shift+FX doesn't work. I can't get Midnight Commander to
>> create a new file in the editor and other options that use
>> Shift+Fx.

> I could not reproduce this problem.  Please give more
> information - terminal name, ncurses version, OS version etc.

TERM=screen on console. screen 3.9.9 on Linux 2.4.9. ncurses
5.2-20010811. If it's broken Thomas E. Dickey will fix in the
next releases, but I really doubt.

>> Shift+F1 prints [25~

> Where?  In mc?  Or in dd?

dd ? The utility from fileutils ? No. If I press Shift+F1 in

root<pts/4>(16:33:58)[mc] # [25~

The subshell.

>> Shift+F2 [26~[28~

> This looks bad.  I'm not surprised that MC has hard time
> learning this.

Sorry, Shift+F2 prints [26~, not [26~[28~.

> But what exactly happens when you try to teach MC F11, F12
> etc?

Nothing. No OK or any other message.

>>  Maybe time to declare ncurses BROKEN ? -:)

> No.  I haven't seen a single detailed bugreport regarding
> ncurses support in MC (your message doesn't qualify as a
> detailed bugreport for obvious reasons).

OK, syntax highlighting doesn't work and I have problems with
keys. The rest apparently works.

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