Re: Status update

Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Miguel asked me not to remove GNOME-specific files from CVS,
> because the CVS server on is old and has some
> problems handling files on branches if the file is removed
> from the HEAD branch.  Let's see if there is any demand to
> create new versions from the stable branch. Then we could
> revisit this problem.

Remove = add to .cvsignore ?

> It should be possible to remove unused directories from the
> CVS working directory and from CVS/Entries.  Here's the list:

> gtkedit gnome new_icons idl doc-gnome macros

> Of course, using "cvs up -d" will bring them back, so be
> careful if your connection is slow.

I have "update -d -P" in ~/.cvsrc and my connection is slow
:( I don't like the idea of downloading everything again if I do
cvs co or up with -d... Any better approach than not using -d ?

> I also enabled large file support by default.  I know that
> the Autoconf macro AC_SYS_LARGEFILE is not quite stable yet,
> but we should be able to fix it by the time when mc-4.6 is
> released (I expect it to happen in December 2001).

What do you mean with "not quite stable yet" ? What are the
problems if "we should be able to fix" ? I have Autoconf 2.52
/ Automake 1.5.

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