Re: cursor at EOL in input widget

Hi. Maxim!

On Sun, Aug 19, 2001 at 07:59:39PM +0300, Max Schedriviy wrote:
> This patch move cursor in input fields to end of line and change color of 
> this text if it will be disappear on typing.

Quite user-friendly :)

> ChangeLog:
> ---------------------------------
> 2001-08-19  Max Schedriviy  <max tavrida net>
> 	* color.[ch], main.c, text.c: Defined color for not changed text
> 	in WInput widget (INPUT_COLOR_NOTCH). Default color is gray on cyan.

I'd suggest the name - INPUT_SELECT_COLOR, or smth. like this. The reason is,

    a. in Far, NC and others this is primary a selection, which kills the
    text, if any of altha-numeric character is inputed.
    b. We also do have a concept of a selecton in an input field, even it is
    not perfect - you can cut text by pressing C-@ at the beggining of the 
    selection, go to it's end, press C-w, etc.

It'll be neat to make this behaviour more coherent, and also highlight selection
in this case with the same color.

Speaking about grey on cyan - did you check, that this combination in B/W gives
usefull color pair? I guess, it should look like white on black, but what are
the actual colors?

Also, I think, there is something error-prone in the color pairs - we need to
define it for any situation, which may occure. I was scared to introduce that
8(or about) pairs for different file tipes and now you are goung to make file
colors per extension. It can be nice, or maytbe not, but I'm afraid we'll end 
up with unmaintainable amount of color pairs. It'll be nice to be able just to
specify colors directly, but I dunno, is it possible?

Any ideas?

With regards,

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