Re: PATCH: IBM AIX patches

Hi, Timur!

> I've tried new mc on bsd/os 4.1 - in general, it works. Minor problems were:

Good news.  Thank you.

> 1. When compile with ncurses support, 'End' button stop to work. I.e. pressing
> 'End' generates only '^[', dunno, why.

Perhaps ncurses uses another terminal databas (termcap vs. terminfo) or
interprets it differently.  "Learn keys" should help.  If it does, then
it's fine, broken terminal databases are still quite common.

If it doesn't help, then more information is needed - value of $TERM,
version of ncurses, what terminal software is used (dtterm, xterm, console
etc), and what the "End" button generates.  Use "cat >file" to capture
standard input and press End Enter Ctrl-C.

> 2. With external Slang keys work, but tool bar at the bottom looks as one cyan
> line, without separators.... In general, screen is not refreshing properly, C-L
> need to be pressed.

Sounds like that Slang is doing something too complicated for the terminal
to handle properly.  Try --with-included-slang - Slang 0.99.38 was nicer
to UNIX terminals.

> 3. Configure doesn't add system wide libintl to the list of the libraries,
> necessary for linking, even it finds it with libintl.h.

Do you have unresolved symbols?  I understand that your libintl is
incompatible with GNU gettext.

In general, if you want to pursue any of those problems, more information
will be helpful.  But thank you for the report anyway.

Pavel Roskin

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