Re: OK vs. Ok

Hi, David!

> >  Please be careful here.  "OK" is used in the "Learn Keys" dialog, which
> >  cannot be resized for longer translations, since it's already 80
> >  characters wide.
> Hmm, I see... We could look for something else to use as a tick. What about
> "~"?

I tried several variants and I like "*" immediately after the the closing

[Home key        ]
[Page Down key   ]*
[Page Up key     ]

Anyway, that "OK" is documented in several places, so I'm not going to fix
it before the release.

> As you are not refusing these "minor" fixes, I'll bring back the patch for
> hotkeys (set or remove extra uppercase as in "Vie&w file..." --> "vie&W
> file...") and right align key shortcuts in Command menu.

I'm probably too easy to influence :-)

I really should go through all the remaining issues this night and sent a
notice to the translators, or we won't see mc-4.5.55 in August.

Pavel Roskin

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