The final version of multiscreen+bookmarks patch is avalable

Hi, All.

Now, at last, I'm glad to annouce the
first "stable" version of the
multiscreen+bookmsks patch.



Full bookmarks support (bookmark stuff
was already in the sources but there were
no keybindings for that).
I've used the same keybindings as cooledit
itself: Ctrl-Alt-Ins, Ctrl-Alt-Up, Ctrl-Alt-Down.
Yes it will only work in the linux console and
under xterm, maybe we can rebind this keys
later to make them work with other terminals too.
Bookmark commands are now included
into the editor menu too.


Now when user tries to view or edit file which is already
opened with another background viewer / editor, this sleeping
viewer / editor is activated instead of opening new one.


Bugfixes. Now the patch seems to be pretty robust.


Some user-readable documentation is included.
It is not in roff format yet but in the plain text.
But it is easy to make patch using this
plain text help. Probably it will be done
in the next release of the patch.

The patch can be downloaded from:

Regards, Walery

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