Re: OK vs. Ok

El Tue, 14 Aug 2001 02:33:36 -0400 (EDT), Pavel Roskin escribió:

"Ok" on the other hand is translated as "Valider".  There is also a
>  corresponding translation for "ok" used in gwidget.c that recognizes the
>  buttons by their translated names with "&" removed so that the
>  corresponding GNOME icon can be added to the button (dirty hack, very
>  unfriendly to translators).
>  Unless the "Learn Keys" is redesigned or stops using "OK" we should be
>  very careful - gettext doesn't like when the same word has different
>  translations in different files.

Sorry, I forgot this point. Appart from the hack in gwidget.c. As for
gettext "OK" and "&OK" or "_OK" are different strings so there would be no
problem to give them different translations. Anyway, it's time consuming to
check every OK message in the code and look for side effects...

I would just try the "&Ok" -> "&OK"

Did I say I don't like the "cannot"? :(

*8-) David

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