New version of multiscreen patch

It contains small fixes and I've also included bookmarks support for
editor (this is a backport from modern cooledit).
This support in incomplete now (you can't clean all bookmarks and
bookmarks are not highlighted - but IMO it is better than nothing and
this can be improved in the future).

The keysbindings for working with bookmarks are the following:

Ctrl-Alt-Insert: Add bookmark
Ctrl-Alt-Up: Move to previous bookmark
Ctrl-Alt-Down: Move to next bookmark

I know it is a bad idea to mix unrelated patches,
but I have no time and aspiration now to separate them.

No documentation patches for now.
I think it will be written when the patch will be applied,
criticized, improved and tested.
Or may be earlier if I have a time...

You can download the new version here:

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