Synchronyzing MC and Cooledit

The cooledit sources in the MC distribution is VERY outdated
(I can guess that the last syncronization was in 1997).
So, many useful features from modern cooledit are not available
in MC now.
For instance it is "bookmarks".
Personally I suffer without this feature.
It would be grate if those new useful features would
be backported to MC.
For example I can try to port bookmarks.

Anyway, if cooledit and MC sources are not syncronizing
now we can safely strip !MIDNIGHT sections from the editor
sources. This code is NEVER used and it is inconvenient to
keep this dead code which only confuses developers working
with editor sources.
IMO this pieces of code should be cleaned along with
GNOME pieces in the new versions of MC.

Regards, Walery.

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