Re: New version of multiscreen patch

Hi, Walery!

> The keysbindings for working with bookmarks are the following:
> Ctrl-Alt-Insert: Add bookmark
> Ctrl-Alt-Up: Move to previous bookmark
> Ctrl-Alt-Down: Move to next bookmark

Supporting this in xterm may be problematic, unless mc is linked with
libX11.  Perhaps linking with libX11 should become the default at some

> I know it is a bad idea to mix unrelated patches,
> but I have no time and aspiration now to separate them.

I think you don't have _tools_.  If I want to make significant changes in
a project that I cannot (or don't want to) modify immediately, I usually
reimport the source in a local CVS repository and tag the repository after
every patch.  If the patches are unrelated it may be better to use
separate branches for every patch.

Pavel Roskin

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