README patch (Re: More documentation cleanups)

> And attached is a suggested patch for the README file. Changes:
> - pub/GNOME/sources -> pub/GNOME/stable/sources


> - uses the mirrors.

Not sure what you mean.  I don't see it in the patch.

> - Removed "European mirrors".


> - Cosmetic changes (I don't think "GNU/Linux system" is
> correct. The only distribution using it deliberately is Debian.
> Thoughts ?).

I think it was used correctly in this context.  I use "Linux" if

1) it's about the kernel or kernel-specific features (e.g. ext2 undelete)
2) "Linux" is used in the distribution name.

GNU/Linux is appropiate to denote the build system plus the kernel (which
was the case in the document) or the whole OS.

I'm applying your patch without this part.

> What about the undelete and 2.0 Kernel part ? Fixed in recent
> 2.0 ? 2.0.39 ?

I'm sorry, but I have no time to investigate.

> > Ideally, the list should correspond to the binaries available
> > for download.
> Why not reports of success like GCC ? You could ask in the
> announcement for 4.5.55 (use gnome-announce ?), and add a
> note to the INSTALL file asking the same if compiling the
> latest release.

GCC is an extreme case.  It may be hard to compile it if you don't already
have it.

I think that MC should follow the policy of GNOME with regard to the
binary releases if it uses the GNOME ftp server.

Pavel Roskin

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