Re: More documentation cleanups

Pavel Roskin wrote:

>> BTW, attached is a patch for the lsm syntax file. I don't
>> know if it's OK, but IMO it's better, so please verify. Did
>> you notice I don't endorse Shareware ? I could just change it
>> to black/0.

> I believe it's a very bad idea to push any political agenda
> by technical means of this kind.  It's not an excuse that the
> existing file already does it.

:-) OK. Let's say I don't want to encourage anyone writing
Shareware. Anyway, it's listed as an option in LSM-TEMPLATE.

I also believe it's a bad idea to use 'linuxconf' and some
other commands like 'taper' in the sh syntax file. IMO
fileutils, sh-utils, textutils, util-linux and crucial packages
that are part of any distribution should be enough.

> By the way, why don't you want to highlight Begin3?  Just
> because it's obsolete?

Because I thought it was an example to write an accurate .lsm
file. And since syntax highlighting doesn't work with F3 (could
be used with ftpfs), I see no other reason to maintain Begin3.
Of course, it'd be nice to maintain it and have a way to let
the author know it was obsoleted by Begin4.

> I think that the primary role of syntax highlighting should be
> showing the role of the highlighted text, not spotting errors,
> and certainly not determining the political correctness of
> software licenses.

Then another change is incorrect, and we should list,, and ? Also, any
better way to list .tar.Z tar.gz tar.bz2 ? I'd add 3 lines, but
with \s*.tar.* it matches them (and anything else...).

And attached is a suggested patch for the README file. Changes:

- pub/GNOME/sources -> pub/GNOME/stable/sources

- uses the mirrors.

- Removed "European mirrors".

- Cosmetic changes (I don't think "GNU/Linux system" is
correct. The only distribution using it deliberately is Debian.
Thoughts ?).

What about the undelete and 2.0 Kernel part ? Fixed in recent
2.0 ? 2.0.39 ?

>> The system types are duplicated in the FAQ (1.2 Does it run 
>> on my machine?) and INSTALL (Notes about the Midnight 
>> Commander installation) files. They're also listed in the LSM
>> file. Anyway, it'd be nice to know if the latest release 
>> compiles on all these.

> Ideally, the list should correspond to the binaries available
> for download.

Why not reports of success like GCC ? You could ask in the
announcement for 4.5.55 (use gnome-announce ?), and add a
note to the INSTALL file asking the same if compiling the
latest release.

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