Re: More documentation cleanups

Hi, Frédéric!

> Hi. I noticed there are still 5 404 URLs in the
> FAQ file. Attached is a suggested patch.

Thank you.  It would be nice to distribute binaries, but I have no time to
organize it.

I'm applying it, except that I'm removing 8.7.  There is no need to
suggest quick fixes for old versions unless it's security related.

> Also, I think docs/LSM should be removed. The template is

I'm removing both docs/LSM and docs/FILES.  The later is also outdated,
and it's a wrong place to put file descriptions.

> outdated and doesn't belong to the distribution anymore. The
> releases aren't uploaded to
>^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H since
> ages. And I'd suggested that a maintainer (Pavel ?) contact the
> ftpmaster, so he can remove
> tp://
> . We don't want people blindly downloading and mirroring outdated
> releases, right ? is widely used.

I've just sent them this request.

> BTW, attached is a patch for the lsm syntax file. I don't know
> if it's OK, but IMO it's better, so please verify. Did you
> notice I don't endorse Shareware ? I could just change it to
> black/0.

I believe it's a very bad idea to push any political agenda by technical
means of this kind.  It's not an excuse that the existing file already
does it.

By the way, why don't you want to highlight Begin3?  Just because it's
obsolete?  I think that the primary role of syntax highlighting should be
showing the role of the highlighted text, not spotting errors, and
certainly not determining the political correctness of software licenses.

> What's the status of the BUGS file ? It's 2 years old.
> Are they all closed ? I think it's another file that should
> be removed or added to .cvsignore.

Those bugs don't exist in the database. doesn't allow
anonymous login anymore.  I'm removing this file.

> The system types are duplicated in the FAQ (1.2 Does it run
> on my machine?) and INSTALL (Notes about the Midnight
> Commander installation) files. They're also listed in the LSM
> file. Anyway, it'd be nice to know if the latest release
> compiles on all these.

I suggest that we reset those lists.  I know that mc-4.5.54 doesn't
compile on AIX due to a useless comma in the VFS code (only detected by
"gcc -pedantic" which is unfortunately too noisy).

Ideally, the list should correspond to the binaries available for

Pavel Roskin

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