glib memory handling

Hi Pavel,

A couple of weeks ago we were discussing the relevance of mad.[ch]
You answered that it wasn't so big, because glib took care of some of
mad's features.

I said I'd check with glib, which I did. I found that most of mad's
features are not taken care of by glib: no array bound checking, no
detailed tracking of memory leaks, no checks on deallocating
non-existent mem-pointers, etc.

The only thing I found (in glib-1.3.6) is a tiny piece of memory
profiling, which can report the total amount of memory

I am aware, however, that GNU has Checker, which can be compiled into
gcc. I have no experience with it (other than failing to be able to use

Normally I would recommend fortify, but it is not completely free
software, as one is free to use it, but not to distribute modified

So this convinced me that it would be usefull to improve mad.


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