Re: some propositions to improve mc...

Hi, Benoit!

> I don't know if it the place I hope.
> I have some proposition to improve mc :

Please always specify the version of the software you are going to
improve.  Also the name of your operating system can be useful.

> 	- when the Quick View is used, and you browse a directory with
> big fies (files of 1-2GB (ASCII Database export data) the mc takes a
> long to show the file content ? I think that the internal viewer try
> to load the full file and then display it ?? Isn't possible to load
> only a part in a buffer and then load according to the user actions.
> For example if we want to go to the end of the fiel to use a fseek (or
> something like this.. ) to improve the response time !!

I could not reproduce this problem with CVS version of MC running on
Linux-2.4.7-ac10 with the files on reiserfs.  I have no time to test all
other combinations.  I don't have OS/2 to test.  If you want your reports
to be taken seriously please give more information.

I don't think that the viewer loads the whole file.  The Quick View uses
the same viewer code, and from what I see in the code it uses pages 8192
bytes each.

> 	- is it possible to add in the listing mode an option to display
> files attribute (unders OS/2 or Windows; I use OS/2 :) )  HRSA

It's possible.  The code may already be there.  If it doesn't work report
it as a bug.  Describe what you are doing, what you get and what you
expect to get.

> 	-  need a serious doc about the xternal panelize ??

Why do you think that the manual (and the chapter in the help) aren't

> 	- need info about the user-menu : which shell is used : which
> indicated by the SHELL env var ??

The CVS version uses SHELL, which must be wrong - the menu is written for
Bourne shell.  But nobody has complained yet.

Pavel Roskin

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