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Hi all,

I think this is great - it's an interview with Daniel Siegel on the Travelling GNOME - we should add one or two photos (sourced in the links) and a bio for the gnome.

I think this stuff is great (esp. the allusion to the Swedish conspiracy linking two GNOME memes).

Does this need any copy editing? I think it's almost good to go already.


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Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2013 01:25:11 +0100
From: daniel g. siegel <dgsiegel gnome org>
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hey dave!

sorry for the late response. i added additional links to the answers,
feel free to expand or remove them! also, please feel free to use any
text of several blog posts i wrote!

On Tue, 2013-02-12 at 12:30 +0100, Dave Neary wrote:
Hi Daniel,

I would like to do a biography of the travelling GNOME for the annual
report this year. I hear you know him better than anyone! I wonder if
you could help me with some background information?

well, around the time of gnome 2.22 while preparing release notes for
cheese i felt the gnome community had seen my handsome face on cheese
screenshots often enough. so i asked around and while getting some more
or less useful hints, i had an unexpected guest visiting me in my

sources: [1], [2]

Where was the Travelling GNOME born?

unfortunately little is known about that.

When did you discover his love of travelling?

he always seemed to be very adventurous and ultimately isn't
"travelling" his name?

Which side is the front, and which is the back?

as you can tell from the many photos on [3] he seems to be fine showing
both sides. but to be honest, he is tells more joke and is funnier on
his green side.

The GNOME disappeared for several months (years?) at one point. Has he
ever told you what happened in that time? Was he kidnapped, or did he
just need some space?

all i got was a short note with the following:

we got him, give us lots of ice cream or you will regret it.
  - love, the swedish conspiracy

(comment: you can link that to http://ftp.gnome.org/conspiracy/index.html)

fortunately eric [6] discovered his hideout and they spent some lovely
days in san francisco [7].

sources: [4], [5], [6], [7]

What's the most interesting place he's been so far?

well, he has been to several continents so far, but why don't you have
a look for yourself? https://live.gnome.org/TravellingGnome

but if you ask me, he met a very special girl in florence, italy...

How does the GNOME decide the next place he wants to go?

he seems to prefer the company of awesome gnome hackers and he usually
does not visit the same hacker twice. then there is a ruleset he brings
along on how to take care of the travelling gnome:

- add a photo of the travelling gnome and yourself to https://live.gnome.org/TravellingGnome - get a present and put it into a box along with the travelling gnome and the instructions
  - send it to your favourite gnome hacker

Thanks Daniel! I have tried travellinggnome gnome org but it bounced - I
don't think he ever asked for his foundation membership (we should
change that!)

i don't think this is a valid mail address, so far we only have that
wiki page ;) but yeah, he is definitely a good candidate for foundation
membership. i even would vouch for him!


some additional links, photos etc:

[1] https://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2008-January/msg00101.html
[2] http://www.dgsiegel.net/news/2008_01_20-dingdong,_parcel_service
[3] https://live.gnome.org/TravellingGnome
[4] http://www.dgsiegel.net/news/2011_08_09-missing_in_action
[5] http://www.dgsiegel.net/news/2011_08_25-return_of_the_travelling_gnome
[6] http://blog.yorba.org/eric/2011/08/computer-problems.html
[7] http://blog.yorba.org/eric/2011/09/continuing-adventures-of-the-travelling-gnome.html


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this mail was sent using 100% recycled electrons
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