Jan 22 Marketing Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Sri, Allan, Karen, Emily, Fabiana, Joseph, Andreas, Flavia

 * Fosdem
 Booth staffing:
 *  +1 to Emily, who committed to spending time at the booth.  
We have some holes in coverage so we should try to look for opportunities to fill the hole. ACTION: Karen will email the foundations list.


*Andreas has a t-shirt and flyer on our privacy campaign are ready for FOSDEM.

Final work should be done by tomorrow.  Our time is growing short in order to put in the order.

Flier is complete, and all attendees have approved the design and text. 

Venue for Party:

We are going back to the original venue - La Bécasse - Fred Peters and 
Guillaume Desmottes are the organizer.

Activities at the booth:

Possible entertainment that involves user participation at the booth?
* Nerf basketball
* Love/Hate wall - put postits on what people like about GNOME and what you don't.

* Friends of GNOME

* Possible interviews that would support the FoG.
* Putting together our own privacy policy and then advertising it.  Every once in awhile report on it.  Communicate this is what we want to be, even though we are not there yet.  Reflect some of our current practices and as the technical part improves we can elaborate on it.

Biggest concern is are we doing enough for the people who signed up that they feel good about contributing to GNOME.  The impression right now is that we are not doign a great job of that right now.  There is some agreement with that.  We are trying to improve, Tobias has sent thank you cards to people who have contributed.  We are hoping that the contractor that we are working with will alleviate this issue.  Nobody should be dropped and not get the t-shirt or not get acknowledged when they contributed money.

How should we be addressing?  Have a newsletter?  How often?  Quarterly?  Monthly.  Allan doesn't think it has to be regular, it could be done at certain points of time or interest.  We can time it with a hackfest and put out a comment where we thank contributors for making this happen so that they know what events they are funding.

ACTION: Allan and Karen will talk with Bastian and Matthias to see where we are with the privacy controls.  Things like privacy mode in Web would be great.

ACTION: Sri will try to find other people to help volunteer.

* Annual Report 2012

We really need to get going on the annual report.  Dave Neary is right that we need to get the right people to write the right articles.  Last year was tough because we relied on a committee of three.  (It did get done!)

ACTION: Karen and Emily working on a wiki page to plan writing content.  Andreas is happy to contribute articles.  Having more people contribute the easier this task will be to complete.

* Communication with the release team

They usually have meetings in IRC, but they are having a Face 2 Face meeting at FOSDEM.  Would be great if someone could send the minutes from that meeting to the marketing meeting. 

We could also invite some of the release team members to marketing list?

* Follow up on action items from the last meeting 

ACTION: Andreas to check with Alberto if Healtcheck can be done for all modules. 
ACTION Andreas to look into creating materials for FOSDEM  (DONE)
ACTION: Emily to post on the Forums (on going)
   * Going to post a call for help on the annual report.
ACTION: Karen will work on a general privacy statement from GNOME  (on going)
ACTION: Andreas to look at design area of forums as well as re-doign their theme 
   * waiting on a proposal so that they have something to switch.
ACTION: Karen to setup regular call with release and marketing teams to better coordinate messaging with releases  (cancelled - Allan was talking to release team in particpating.. we should meet with them prior to any big decisions) 
ACTION: Karen will open up a dialogue for more formal communication between release team and marketing team.

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