Re: 2012 Annual Report

On 11/05/2012 02:59 PM, Emily Gonyer wrote:
We're coming up on the end of 2012 which means we need to start
thinking about the 2012 Annual Report.

We also need a deadline, and such a deadline everyone need to be committed to. I've asked Karen to lead the coordination in order to avoid the trainwreck we had for 2010-2011 (and them becoming a bi-annual report instead of a annual report)
I propose March 3rd of 2013 as when we need to be done.

Today - Holidays - we need to get the Fog campaign out. So any work during this period is out of the question. Jan 5th - Feb 1st - Content needs to be set in stone, collecting donor data and financial numbers, initial writing happens. Length of articles decided.
Feb 1st - Feb 15th - Design begins, writing finalized
Feb 16th - Feb 26 - Writing proof reading and fixing, design finalized.
Feb 26th - Mar 3rd - Proof reading of finished design pdf. Fixing. Publishing.
(Note that February only have 28 days!)

If anyone thinks that is impossible, speak up now.
- Andreas

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