Revisiting rewards for the FoG campaigns

Hi !

I think maybe is good idea to revisit our rewards.

What we have now is:
Associate: US $25-$500

=> GNOME mouse pad + stickers + recognition of your contribution

Sponsor: US $500-$1200

=> coffee mug + T-Shirt  + recognition of your contribution

Philantropist: US $1200+

=> print of the GNOME foot signed by the Board + recognition of your contribution

Adopt a hacker: US $10/month=> stickers +  hacker signed postcard + LWN subscription  + recognition of your contribution + T-Shirt (after the 1st year)  [AFAIK, the low figure here is for making be FoG affordable to people from all countries ]

I think FoG campaigns are similar to the popular crowdfunding campaigns on sites like kickstarter or IndieGoGo and we can learn from them. For example,  we could add more rewards options and even those rewards can be related to topic of the campaign. 

Just thinking loud :-)

    -- Juanjo Marin

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