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I may only do this once, but I've added it to my calendar as a weekly thing. Let's see how it goes... (in general, we're taking some knocks, so this is going to be hard sometimes - if people don't like to see this let me know, but I think it's better to at least be aware of who's writing about us, and what they're saying).

Here's a summary of GNOME in the news for the last few days (courtesy of Google News Alerts). It covers a week, and so does not include Bruce's article, but does include SJVN's:

The H: GNOME Foundation announces the next two GUADEC venues

PCWorld: GNOME: The traditional Linux desktop is coming back

ZDNet: GNOME: Can this Linux desktop be saved?

PCWorld: With 'Cinnarch,' Arch Linux gets a sprinkle of Cinnamon:

Ars Technica: F18 beta releases with GNOME 2 fork MATE (kinda):

ZDNet: F18 Beta finally released:

ITWire: "GNOME finally pays some attention to users" (Sam Varchese picking up on Bruce Byfield & SJVN's articles):

The H: Second beta of GNOME 3.8 brings global search configuration:


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