Re: scheduling FoG campaign call

Bonjour :)

On 20.11.2012 04:39, Andre Klapper wrote:
> I don't feel comfortable to launch a campaign if we end up with
> disappointed people because our processes don't work out well.
True. Neither do I.

As of now, nothing has changed, really. I called for someone to help
with some web bits here:
but no one answered. So things are moving slowly. But eventually, we'll
have something simple soon, that makes the process more smooth than
today (which is not hard to do ;-) ).

I wouldn't wait with a campaign though. We get donations frequently, so
whether we have a campaign or not doesn't really matter for improving
things, because people occupying themselves with running the campaign
usually don't work on the technical side of things.

So yeah, it's not "comfortable" but not running the campaign doesn't
make things more comfortable.

That said, if there is anyone willing to help with either the web side
of things (i.e. I think with the Wordpress migration we lost the ability
to select a yearly payment scheme) or with integration or nicer payment
methods than Paypal, or the above mentioned automatic donors list
generation, or anything else, really, is welcome to write me (either
here or off list).



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