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Hey Dave,

Before we choose, why don't we go over what you have, and decide which would be better/more practical at this point. I'd suggest either publishing what you have on the wiki or putting it in a google doc. Or you can simply send me what you have - whichever you prefer - and I/we can sort through it and see what we think would be best. If it ends up being too much work to do the magazine type feature you imagined for the annual report, perhaps another option would be to publish it as a special feature on

GNOME Journal has unfortunately floundered once again - I'm not entirely sure if it was ever updated to wordpress on gnome's servers, and I've never received any articles for it from anyone else :( At this point, I'm not sure a separate journal is practical, and lean more towards simply publishing material on as it becomes available, then saving it in an archive by month/yr. Though I am certainly open to other suggestions.


On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 5:02 PM, Dave Neary <dneary gnome org> wrote:
Hi all,

Yes, I suck.

Way back in (so long ago I don't even remember which month) I interviewedd Marina about herself, her history in GNOME, her plans for WSOP and more. It was a great interview, and she put lots of time and effort into answering my questions, we did an IRC follow-up that added lots of colour to it, and my plan was to take all that material and do a really nice magazine-feature type interview, rather than just Q&A.

Unfortunately, I never got around to it.

So, to prevent myself from being a road-block to having the interview published in the annual report, I will remove myself from the process. We have a few options:
* Print the Q&A which Marina answered in December and January as they are (with grammar checks and what not)
* I can hand over Q&A and IRC logs, and let someone else have a go at doing the nice magazine-feature style interview-article.

I believe I have previously sent everything in with a note "just in case I don't get around to it", but I don't recall to whom I sent the interview.

So - option A or option B? Emily, are you still guiding the Journal through its difficult birthing? Would you care to choose for me?

Thanks! And sorry.

Dave Neary
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