Re: Microblogging Workflow

Tobias Mueller <muelli cryptobitch de> wrote:
> Bonjour :)
> On 17.05.2012 18:17, Allan Day wrote:
>> Thoughts? Opinions?
> What about writing or enhancing something to schedule a post. Identica
> is, after all, free software, no?
> But it can't be terribly hard to implement something like
> 'sleep 24h && identica "my message"'

That's a nice idea; it's certainly an option! Would it let me see
which messages are queued up?

One thing that I liked about the Wordpress idea is that it would let
us collaborate in sending out microblogging posts. Contributors could
log in and see what messages are in the queue, and they could add
their own. People could even help to write posts weeks in advance.


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