Re: FoG Campaign Update?

On Thu, January 12, 2012 9:15 am, Allan Day wrote:
> 2012/1/12 Juanjo Marín <juanjomarin96 yahoo es>:
>>>>  There were some problems in the original launching so we are
>>>>  thinking about trying to re-launch the FoG campaign
>>>>  We had  problems with the donation progress bar, so I think
>>>>  is good idea to add it with the relaunching.. I'm in contact with
>>>>  another person for getting a new testimonial. I'm writing also
>>>>  an article about accessibility and the campaign.
>>> Is the progress bar the only problem? That's necessary but I don't
>>> think we should let it block our other activities.
>>> People will have read the original announcement and some people will
>>> (I hope) have donated. I should imagine that they will want to hear
>>> about how things are going.
>> Yes, the donation bar is good to know how things are going. AFAIK,
>> by now the response is not quite good. So sure, some posts in bgo
>> will help.
>> By the way, I'd like to have a blog in to help in this. I have
>> one in blogspot, but it is in Spanish, so I think is better to start
>> another
>> one just for the gnomie things in English. Does anyone knows the
>> process having a blog in gnome ? (I'm foundation member)
> I can help you post something to and to the social media
> channels if someone wants to draft a news item.

I love the idea of doing another big push. I was talking to Joanie about
it and she was suggesting we do one following the hackfest, that way we
can report on work accomplished and the like. This makes sense to me, and
we can release the second testimonial if it's ready at the same time. What
do you think?

We should get a bunch of people to blog it that week too. And I'm
definitely mentioning the campaign in my keynote on
Thursday. :)


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