GNOME 3 might be accepted at Linuxcon: Europe..

So it looks like my paper "GNOME 3 - Design Principles for the Next Generation Desktop"
Sriram Ramkrishna / Adam Williamson

A talk on the design behind GNOME 3, a 2 year odyssey from paper to reality.  A discussion on the merits of the design and the effects of its deployment in Fedora 15.

I thought it would be an interesting paper.. as there are some background items that Fedora had to do in other to prepare for a release of GNOME 3 as the default distribution. 

The problem is that I'm not sure I have the funds to go.  I'm looking to see how much the conference will be able to subsidize me.  But perhaps GNOME Foundation can do something as well?  If I do go, I think doing more than just one paper is required I suspect.. maybe a bigger GNOME presence?  Just wondering what would be justifiable.


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