Re: How to manage foundation navigation in site

On 07/02/2011 05:29 PM, Frederic Muller wrote:
I see w.g.o as everything software related (latest versions, contribution, technical stuff, developers, components, modules, conferences / hackfest announcements, etc) while the foundation site as foundation related (governance, branding, legal, fund raising, case studies/success stories, partners, etc).
I'm not sure I see the functions you mentioned as separate. We do fund raising so we can do stuff like hackfests and conferences (and we do that so we can develop things) and the branding ties into what we end up calling GNOME. I also don't think we should be afraid to promote things like success stories on the front page (where it gets more exposure).

I would like to make sure we are promoting the things we feel are important where we get the most exposure (quarterly reports are a good example of something that should go in the news on the front page) and that we spend our limited resources at duplicating as little information as possible and that the info we have is relevant and up to date.

What I think would be a good way to deal with this navigation wise is putting the section about Foundation on the about page a bit higher up (have it switch places with the Collaboration and meritocracy section maybe) and have that header lead to a big foundation page instead of a lot of small pages ( can also point to this) with the basic foundation info.

- Andreas

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