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Thanks. I was more interested at first if you could hold a conference in the DC area and if not, where are some of the conferences nearby the DC area for the upcoming year of 2012? I would really like to attend one nearby even it is in Boston. 

My other question is: If the conference is held in Boston, is it okay to blog about or video record and send to this list?


> Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 00:54:14 -0600
> From: brian cameron oracle com
> To: tgmiller5 hotmail com
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> Subject: Re: speaker schedules for conference
> Tammy:
> On 12/24/11 04:51 AM, Tammy Miller wrote:
> > That is a great idea. Is it possible to have a conference in the DC
> > metro area?
> Do you mean a GNOME specific conference? The GNOME Foundation does
> have a yearly GNOME-specific event in the fall over Columbus Day
> weekend. This typically has been held in Boston, but was held in
> Toronto last year.
> There has been some discussion about where a U.S. GNOME conference
> should be held in 2012. People have proposed having it in Boston
> or Portland so far. The GNOME Foundation would seriously consider
> any city with a strong GNOME volunteer community excited to make
> a GNOME event happen.
> It is often easy to arrange for a GNOME presence at any regional FOSS
> (Free/Open Source Software) event in your area. The GNOME Foundation
> can make arrangements to send posters, stickers, GNOME DVD's, etc. to
> help promote GNOME at any local event. Just ask. Some events also put
> together their own GNOME event t-shirt (or other specific goodies), but
> this typically only happens when the local GNOME volunteers make
> arrangements to do the needed design work, etc.
> The GNOME Foundation does also organize GNOME specific events, which
> are often hackfests with 5-20 people hacking away on some specific
> GNOME project. Typically, the people working on such projects approach
> the GNOME Foundation with a proposal when they are ready to work
> together in this way. When hackfests require funding, the proposal
> typically includes an expected budget to explain expected travel costs,
> etc.
> Hopefully this gives you some perspective on how we organize events,
> and how you can participate if interested. If you have any questions
> please ask.
> Brian

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