Re: 2012 conferences...

Hello team,

Every year in Greece, we have a conference called FOSSCOMM. Last year was in Patras. I had a presentation about Using Gnome 3 and contribute to Greek community. The slides are on-line.

This year will be in Serres (north Greece). Unofficially the dates are May 5-6. I'm not sure if I'll present something or if there's other people to support me have a booth there. I have to write something on the list about it (I'm waiting the official call from the organizers).

In case of booth, how can I ask for promo materials from Gnome? Regarding promo dvds, I can ask from Greek communities (I have full access to openSUSE).

My last presentation about Gnome 3.2 to a Linux Team Kastoria, can be found here


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