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> Hi!
> I have two GNOME A11y Banners that was meant to be used for posting at
> accessibility conferences where GNOME has a presence.  one is a wall
> banner with the A11y logo and "GNOME Accessibility"  the other is just
> the logo and is meant to drape over a table to display the logo in front
> of the table.  And I have a stand to hold the wall banner up.
> I'll be glad to forward this to whomever wishes to be the banner master.
> I had made up some general-purpose flyers (postcard in 5x7 inch size)
> and had a bunch left over after the last CSUN conference so I included
> it in the event kit.  I believe I sent back around 500 copies.  I hope
> they are being stored and put to good use as they are meant to target
> non-FOSS oriented audiences.

Awesome !

> Both items were created at my personal expense. 

Very appreciated !

> I'll send the banner
> kit to whomever in the United States, but not overseas as its too costly
> and actually got held up in Spain for about 6 months in customs because
> the other end did not claim it and so I lost a bunch of moola on that
> wasted shipping as well.

OK, so shortly I'll ping you about what we can do with this all this good a11y 
marketing material. 

> And there is the GNOME A11y twitter account which is defunct since I am
> no longer active in GNOME A11y marketing.

Can you please contact me privately to take charge of this account ?

> There is literally a boatload of accessibility fairs and conferences in
> the United States alone and if funded, you could keep an A11y
> "ambassador" quite busy with travel.   On the downside, these events 
> are
> rather costly to attend as well.  The CSUN conference alone was a $2000
> booth charge.  These accessibility shows just don't see things the way
> FOSS events see things when it comes to giving non-profits a booth.

So then, it seems we need to check our human and economic resources 
for attending A11y fairs and conferences.

Thanks for the first hand info


  -- Juanjo Marin

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