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2011/8/24 Juanjo Marín <juanjomarin96 yahoo es>
 Hi Marketing Team!

 For a while now, the GNOME Accessibility Team has been thinking and  wanting to get more involved in marketing. And we have just been given  the nudge we needed to move from thinking and wanting to actually doing:  The GNOME Board has suggested we do so. :-) Thus here we are. :-)


 There are a couple of items which were specifically mentioned to us, namely:

 1. Would it be possible to have a Friends of GNOME campaign for Accessibility? And if so, when?

I'm going to let someone who is involved in FoG to answer that.
 2. It might be advantageous for GNOME to do more targeted accessibility fundraising with our sponsors, in which case having materials such as a brochure (or something along those lines) would be a good idea.

Well, I certainly think that we should be able to target accessibility conferences with brochures or something like that.  Secondly, do we have a list of any popular accessibility devices (touch interfaces and the like) that works with GNOME?
 But we're interested in other ideas as well. Please let us know what we should be doing, and how we can best work towards marketing Accessibility.

Just throwing out some ideas.  Talking about accessibility within our own community might be okay, but I fear it might be a small audience.


  --Juanjo and Joanie

PS: I (Juanjo) have recently enrolled in the GNOME a11y 'kung-fu' team and because I'm interested and subscribed in the marketing-list for a while, I will follow all the marketing a11y issues and act as sort of contact person :-)
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