Re: Marketing Accessibility

On Wed, August 24, 2011 8:09 pm, Juanjo Marín wrote:
>  Hi Marketing Team!
>  For a while now, the GNOME Accessibility Team has been thinking and 
> wanting to get more involved in marketing. And we have just been given 
> the nudge we needed to move from thinking and wanting to actually doing: 
> The GNOME Board has suggested we do so. :-) Thus here we are. :-)

Great!! There is already a thread on some of these points so I'm just
responding to the part not yet discussed.

>  There are a couple of items which were specifically mentioned to us,
> namely:
>  1. Would it be possible to have a Friends of GNOME campaign for
> Accessibility? And if so, when?

I think putting a proposal together for a FoG accessibility campaign is a
great idea. I know that there were other ideas for the next campaign
tossed around at the last foundations list meeting, but I think actually
putting together a proposal for one is the first step, whether it is
intended for the next campaign or the one after that. I'm pretty new to
this, but poking around a bit, I noticed this post on Stormy's blog on the
2010 sys admin campaign:

I think that's a good place to start - as a first step we'll need to
clearly set out the goals of the campaign and how the money would be used.
Since we list sponsoring attendees at hackfests and at CSUN as a past
success of FoG, are there other perhaps more end-oriented goals we can use
instead? Once we have a clear idea of how we'd want to present the
campaign we can bring it to the board and the foundation.


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