Re: Conference Propsoal: Portland Summit


Having an event in Portland sounds agreeable assuming we have
enough local volunteer support to make the needed arrangements.
Would it make sense to try and co-locate this sort of an event
with another local free software event?

Could you be more clear about what help you need from The GNOME
Foundation to help with making your proposed event possible?  If you
are needing help with getting sponsorships, then can you provide
materials we could share with possible sponsors to explain the
event and describe the sponsorship options?


On 08/03/11 00:01, Sriram Ramkrishna wrote:
Talking to various others, it seemed obvious to me that we are missing a
presence on the west coast.  With some encouragement, I've decided to
make a proposal.

Time frame: Spring 2011 - May for 3 days.  I'm flexible on the dates.  I
pick spring because I have more flexibility with cheaper venues.

Venue: May-June after school is out I have several cheap possibilities.
Thanks to Open Source Bridge and Linux Plumbers Conference, I have all
kinds of venues I can approach.

Sponsorships/money:  I have some encouragement from my employer, Intel.
Dirk Hohndel seemed willing to talk about sponsorship dollars (he
brought it up, not me!) .  I will ask Mozilla foundation, Google, and
Linux Foundation for funding.  Thanks to prior work on Plumbers
conference, I know who to talk to for most of these people.  Most people
know I'm a social butterfly, I'll figure it out. :-)  Money depends
whether I've talked to people before the next budget cycle of course.  I
will need to prepare approximate costs including venue cost, travel
budget for speakers and of course finally I need to sell it to the
non-Intel folks.

About Portland:
Portland is the other open source town on the west coast as Boston is
known for the east coast.  We have of course a number of open source
organizations and boasts two open source conferences a year - OSCON and
Open Source Bridge.  We were the original host of Linux Plumbers
Conference, two years running (I was on the planning committee) Our past
two mayors are big open source advocates, as is our state government.
Former Mayor Tom Potter ran KDE and current Mayor Sam Adams shows up to
most conferences and has pushed several initiatives in regards to open
government.  You will not find a more open source friendly atmosphere
than Portland.

Companies and foundations that have a presence here - Mozilla
Foundation, OSDL, Intel, Red Hat, Puppet Labs, Oracle and various other
start ups.  A diversified combination of kernel hackers, application,
web, and X hackers exist and are active here in Portland.  Meego is
developed by Intel here in Hillsboro as well which shares technology
with GNOME.

Being on the west coast, means that it is a cheap train ride from
Seattle, Vancouver B.C., and the Bay area.  It is also attractive to
Latin America as well.  There are people who cannot make Boston but
might find Portland to be a lot more accessible.

Open questions:
Resources: - I am one person, I can probably try to get others to help
around here.  But a lot of them might still be burnt out doing Linux
Plumbers Conference for two years in a row.  I can probably do leg work
and maybe some help with finances and other bits.  But I will need
someone to help with getting talks accepted I think.  That said I have
access to people who know how to run a conference as well our own people
in GNOME Foundation.

Currently, I perceive our conference schedule looking something like this:

June                   July/August              October
GNOME.Asia -> Desktop Summit -> Boston Summit

We have an entire 9-10 months before the next large conference, with
hackfests in between.  Coinciding another summit around the same time
frame of a release of GNOME might help us in planning each cycle.
Portland Summit could also help develop a rapport with application
developers. Portland can also be a perfect half way for those living in
Latin countries as Boston is for European countries.  The GNOME asia
conference would be difficult for lot of U.S. based developers to show
up for.

If we want to do this, then I need to start talking to various folks
before their yearly fiscal budgets starts.


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