Re: bad press in the G+ circles/press

On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 12:01 AM, Karl Fischer <kmf fischer org za> wrote:

Linus is Linus, even though we need to hear what all our users say and
what their feedback is. All feedback is important.
Sure Linus has influence, maybe we can leverage off this, to benefit project.

It isn't just Linus, it's Ted Tso and a number of other highly visible kernel hackers.  Now hackers are not the mainline audience for Gnome's design.  So I can understand some unhappiness there.  But they do tend to have lots of followers and well they talk.  And I don't want them to talk in a vacuum without some of us saying something.  Sometimes that works, sometimes it exacerbates the situation since they get frustrated.

The sad thing is that there isn't much support other than myself in these debates.  I'm not saying other Gnome people, but rather other Gnome users are not chiming in and supporting it.

I have to agree with Luc.

Maybe having a similar open space like ""
we can stir conversation and get more awesome feedback.

It might be.

Anyways, I've spent plenty of time arguing. :-)  I don't know if it was effective, but I feel satisfied.


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