Re: bad press in the G+ circles/press

Luc Pionchon <pionchon luc gmail com> wrote:
> What about?
> - be open
> - listen to the feedback,
> - don't give canned answers
> - engage in constructive discussion,
> - avoid derision
> - show interest in feedback
> - get to the facts;
> - go to the source, tackle rumors; what is it founded on?
> - if needed, go through a few levels of "why" to reach the point
> - use numbers
> - avoid vague quantities "so many", "a lot", "several", etc.
> - encourage people to report more formal feedback (mailing list, buzilla, wiki)
> - really, listen to the feedback

That's a really good list! (It would be awesome if you or anybody else
wanted to do a wiki page on dealing with feedback... ;) )

One thing I would say though - some of those things (constructive
discussion, get to the facts, go to the source) don't work so well on
public discussions in my experience. They're great things to do, but
they only tend to work when you're have a discussion with a small
group or even on a one to one basis.

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