Re: Task for Google CodeIn (Ref: - Andre Klapper)


  I had the following task in my mind for Google Code In 2010 about
Gnome and would love to mentor for the same. I have broken down the task
into points:-

Task name: - Gnome Cognizance
Details: -

1)The participant has to create a 2min video about Gnome. Explain its
advantages and why one should use it.

I think that this proposal would be much stronger if there were a more
clear plan to work with the GNOME marketing team and other key players
to develop the content of the video.  It would be better if a part of
the plan were to involve the community in some decision making.  Perhaps
by conducting a survey and using the results to influence content
decisions might be a practical approach.  Also, I would like to see a
bit more detail about the audience you are planning to reach with your
video, or whether you would expect that these sorts of things would
also be decided through community discussion.

Another important question relates to licensing.  Since GNOME is a free
software organization, what licensing would you release the video under?
It would also be useful to know your thoughts behind the decision.

In short, I think the proposal looks really good, but should contain
more detail.

2)Upload the video on you-tube and also on his/her facebook account.

Many public access television stations will play commercials or videos
for non-profit charities at no charge.  Since The GNOME Foundation is a
non-profit, it might be interesting and not much additional work to
make arrangements for more video airtime, including on television.
Some research may be needed to find out what format requirements might

3)Make a small report on Gnome siting its advantages,usage etc and
upload it on <>

Well the task is of moderate difficulty and it would help to create a
lot of publicity as YouTube, scribd and facebook are very powerful tools
for publicity. Also the task is fun - filled and won't feel like a
burden to the participant.

I had talked to Andre Klapper regarding the same and he asked me to get
your approval first.

So do let me know if I can be the mentor for the above task.

I think you will find that people on the gnome-marketing mailing list
are pretty helpful in general, though it would be good for someone to
be a more formal mentor.  Jason Clinton is currently working on GNOME
3 videos, so he might have some input regardless of whether he could
act as a mentor.


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