Re: Annual gift Friends Of Gnome (Please reply asap)

Well we discussed about it during the GNOME submit so you (should) remember what I said (of course ;-) ).

I think you're in the best position to pick the right materials. We should definitely make a nice photo (once we have one made) and promote the offer.



On 11/18/2010 11:51 AM, Joey Ferwerda wrote:
Hello Everyone

On Boston Summit, we talked about giving away a annual gift for the
first X subscribers for Friends Of Gnome.
I have worked with a modeler who created a little statue together with
me, that we can print with the company Shapeways.

Normally the idea is to do this every year, but my opinion is that since
we are doing a end-of-the-year campaign, i want to suggest to give this
one only to the first 100 subscribers of Friends of Gnome, and that this
statue is available for the first 100 for 2010 and 2011.
So the next design will be available in 2012 (for extra boost of the
current campaign).

We have agreed on 4 designs and materials, and want to know what design
people love the most, although they are quite similar.

Inlined Text/No Borders:
Inlined Text/With Borders
Outside Text/No Borders
Outside Text/With Borders

The statue will be 3 CM tall/wide/depth (1.1 inch)
There are two materials we can choose: White Plastic (5 Dollar a piece)
or Alumide, which is 50% Nylon (PA) en 50% aluminium (6.20 dollar a piece).

This could deliver a lot more subscribers every beginning of the year
(or people who want to extend there membership)

Thanks for your attention.

Joey Ferwerda

Alias. Morton Black

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