Re: Mobile Funding - Update


Perhaps to encourage people to donate via Mobile, we could give away
some special thing to people who donate.  Perhaps people who donate
via mobile is given a special URL where they can download a GNOME
background that looks nice and advertises that the person supports
GNOME in a special way, or something.

If we provide something nice, but free, in exchange for donating via
mobile that might encourage people to donate in this way.


On 05/12/10 08:40 AM, Bharat Kapoor wrote:
Dear All

A gentle reminder - please comment on the Project Plan or provide your
approval for me to move ahead.

Once I have a go decision - I will work on conferences between end of
May till the next 3 months and coordinate the mobile process.


On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 6:45 PM, Bharat Kapoor <3 kapoor gmail com
<mailto:3 kapoor gmail com>> wrote:

    Dear All

    I have updated the Project plan for the Pilot, which I feel
    comfortable that we can achieve in the next 3 months. If successful
    will make a it a permanent feature and also investigate Europe and
    other high open source concentrations areas next?

    Please take a look at the Project Plan section towards the end @:

    Feedback requested:

       1. Is this good enough to go? or do we need more planning or need
          to explore additional channels?
       2. Have we picked the right conferences - is there any conference
          that we missed between May end through Aug end?
       3. Should we list ourselves on: Qnation & Wecaretoo?
       4. Do we have a booth the the conferences listed, if not does
          anyone have a contact at these conferences, if not I shall
          contact them.

    Best Regards

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