Branding of GNOME-hosted Tomboy Online

Hi folks,

I was asked to ping ya'all about this before proceeding.

I'm one of the maintainers of Snowy, the AGPL Django web application
that lets users synchronize their notes to a central server, view
(and, eventually, edit) them online, and share them with friends.

The GNOME sysadmin team is starting a project to deploy Snowy on GNOME
infrastructure.  The goal is for this to be the de facto web service
for users who wish to synchronize their Tomboy notes.

For a long time, I've been referring to this hypothetical service as
"Tomboy Online".  I have registered the domains and in anticipation of this deployment.

Before we go ahead with using that domain name and branding, I'd like
to make sure there is no objection from folks on this list.

Here's what I wrote in my mail to gnome-infrastructure-list:

> As far as branding goes, I originally envisioned that this deployment
> be referred to as Tomboy Online, and hosted at (or
> .com; I own both domains).  If the infrastructure team or the
> foundation feel that different branding would be more appropriate, I
> am certainly open to the idea.  If there is a goal to eventually have
> several very integrated services, then I could see the benefit in
> having, for example, or something.  Anyway, at
> this early stage, we should just pick something and do it, and we can
> always change later as we learn more.  I lean towards Tomboy Online
> due to the brand recognition and the fact that Tomboy is available on
> non-GNOME platforms.

With the understanding that we could always rebrand before this
deployment is open to the public, does anyone take issue with using
the "Tomboy Online" brand as we begin alpha testing?

Thanks for your time,

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