Re: Communicating to users what GNOME 3.0 is

Am Freitag, den 15.01.2010, 12:24 +0100 schrieb Vincent Untz:
> Hi Stormy,
> Le mercredi 13 janvier 2010, à 10:28 -0700, Stormy Peters a écrit :
> > I've heard quite a few concerns from very happy users that GNOME 3.0 is all
> > about GNOME Shell and will force them to use GNOME Shell. For example, see
> > this thread that a Friend of GNOME sent me:
> >
> FWIW, I thought it was pretty clear, but it looks like it's still not:
> gnome-panel & metacity will be available for use with GNOME 3.0 (they
> probably wouldn't be part of 3.0 officially, I'd say, although we didn't
> really discuss this), so people would still be able to use the old look
> and feel for a while.

As with every change, there's a lot of confusion and sometimes wrong
press about it (after reading some comments on articles in online tech
magazines on GNOME 3).
Beside wrong stuff like "They will remove nautilus and force us to use
zeitgeist/journal" and the classic "Please don't repeat KDE 4.0" I've
also seen a lot of "We cannot use gnome-panel and metacity anymore, and
gnome-shell needs powerful hardware that I don't have" comments.

It cannot hurt at all to clarify things here by communicating better and
more often what GNOME 3 means and especially what it won't force users
to do to reduce FUD.

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