Communication Plan Matrix

 Dear all,

 Everyone should see the attachment included, despite of your role on
this list as it covers everything related to GNOME.
 With the upcoming GNOME 3.0 release, this is actually my first real
contribution for this list, and I would suggest that we work this out,
as this isn't a one man job.

 In attachment there's a normal marketing driven communication plan
matrix. I've added some personal notes, so basically what we need to do
is to fill it accordingly so it can be used as a tool to promote GNOME
in a uniform way through all the GNOME related communcation channels.

 Everything should be fore casted here, I do understand that we don't
have much statistical data to support, this is one of the reasons why
I've been battling to get a normal survey platform we can use.

 I would appreciate that everyone on this list would comment and would
be involved, because despite this is a normal communication plan used by
most organizations (specially commercial/proprietary ones), it's the
very basics for a successful marketing campaign.

  My question is, should we start preparing ourselfvs for a GNOME 3.0
marketing oriented release ?

  Everyone from developers, to juridical people, marketing, artists, etc
have one point or another that can contribute to perform this task.

  People running this list, I can't accomplish such thing by myself, now
it should be time where we start our wicked plan for Desktop domination.

  Sorry for the wall of text.


 PS: This goes as a PDF with a format I've made, I don't know GNOME's
position about this, this is just to serve as a Matrix, so if there are
standards from GNOME related to formating and so on, please point me in
the right way so I can start working on it and submit a workable
version. Since this includes everyone, I feel the need to push a bit
forth the documentation sharing system being discussed in the parallel
on this list. 

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