Just an update on the GNOME store.

In April (as of April 27th) we've sold 27 items and made $69.50.

The breakdown is like this:

235-23954830-4593848 shirt Traditional GNOME Logo T-Shirt 7 $16.70
235-42366138-1377863 shirt GNOME Horizontal Logo 6
168-34141257-0319979 mug GNOME Thermal Mug 5
168-43100533-9710002 mug GNOME Love Mug 4 $6.40
235-62300562-3680639 shirt House of Monkeys 2 $5.60
235-57947453-8060939 shirt GNOME Freedom Lover Ladies T-S... 2 $4.86
235-62300562-3680639 shirt House of Monkeys 2 $5.93**
235-21967977-1856616 shirt GNOME Rocks T-Shirt 1 $2.80
235-33384621-4944928 shirt GNOME Bug Fighter ladies T-shi... 1 $2.10

As we get more data, we should adjust what products we offer, removing the ones that aren't selling and trying new designs/products or ones similar to the ones that are.

Perhaps at some point we ought to advertise it in the banner space on and/or Planet GNOME?


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