Re: North American Event Box needs master guru

On Tue, 2010-04-27 at 07:46 -0600, Stormy Peters wrote:
> Our North American Event Box[1] could use some expert care.
> Right now it doesn't really have everything you need to run a booth.
> It's missing things like handouts, directions for what to demo, a
> banner and even a schedule for where it is to be next. I added some
> from ideas that Zonker and I had on what's missing on the wiki[1].
> Is there someone that would like to plan and coordinate what our Event
> Box should contain and make sure it gets in there? This job would mean
> working with the marketing team (we have a lot of the info, just not
> printed), the art team and probably ordering supplies like tshirts,
> banners and stickers.
> It would be a job that would be appreciated by volunteers every where
> when they opened the Event Box to set up a booth. It's also a job that
> will have a lot of impact on our ability to spread the word of GNOME.
> Thanks in advance.
> Stormy
> [1]
> P.S. The event box currently lives with Larry Cafiero who keeps it in
> his house, restocks it with the supplies we've given him and ships it
> from event to event. Right now without a schedule or a process, we're
> asking him todo a lot of work. And he already maintains the Fedora
> event box too.

I definitely was glad we had a nice event box at the CSUN conference in
March.  Adding a banner to the kit would be very nice indeed.

In our post-conference discussion, the A11y team felt that what we also
needed was more horsepower.  I'm not sure if the computer was included
in the kit or if someone provided it separately, but for a11y
demonstrations, more horsepower would have been useful.  Also, a bigger
monitor would be nice too.

openSUSE provided a nice stash of LiveCD's to hand out.  I think it
would be nice if we could also get other distros to provide media as
well so we can always hand out media at GNOME booths, and giving our
visitors a variety of choices to select from would be nice too.

Perhaps we should consider putting out a call to distros to pre-send a
good portion of media to the Foundation which we ncan then divvy it up
to events?  Then we don't have to keep asking for media for each event.

Bryen Yunashko
openSUSE Board Member
openSUSE Marketing Team Lead
GNOME-A11y Outreach

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