Re: wgo pages

Claus Schwarm wrote:
Agree. Even though one of the things I wanted to see more on wgo (for
2.30 release) is a nice way to highlight all the cool apps that are
being created based on our platform and are part of the GNOME
ecosystem. Example: GNOME Do, Gwibber, GNOME Recipe, Banshee, F-Spot,
etc. Also, we must think of more meaningful ways of showing users how to install those apps (other than pointing to a non-sense tarball, which is indeed ridiculous).

That's easy. What about a box on the frontpage (or in the footer) called
"App of The Week"? Each week a new text (or button) to highlight a
different app.
This could potentially be hard to maintain.
Do we need graphics for this? Do we have a list of 26 really good GNOME apps (to last 6 months)? Do we have someone updating this? Sorry for sounding negative, but we currently have a bit of trouble to keep the current frontpage up to date with splashes and news.

For keeping the keeping things happening on the frontpage, perhaps we could have a feed from in combination of having cool GNOME applications blog about their new releases there.
- Andreas

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