Re: Putting ads on GNOME websites


Stormy Peters wrote:
> I agree that if it's even a percentage of that, it might be worth it.
> What would people think of trying it out for a couple of months? We
> could start with Google ads to see how well ads work and once we have an
> idea of how much to expect, we could solicit ads directly from companies.

One important thing to bear in mind (and I'm digging into second-hand
memory banks here) is whether this would affect our relationship with
the various companies who donate bandwidth & hosting services. I don't
think OSU OSL has any issue with this, but IIRC, hosting in Red Hat's
colo had a "no ads" condition attached.

Worth investigating, at least - if we end up with $150K advertising
revenues a year and an extra $300K hosting costs to pay, it would be a
bad deal.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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