Re: GNOME 3.0 Marketing Plan Kickoff

Brian, I agree with you.

My personal recommendation though would be to keep some of these subjects separate, either via their own email thread or wiki page.  I think by keeping them separate we can manage the workload better.

There is another thread about the GNOME store going that was moved over from the Foundation list, and we can start a new one about sponsorship.  (I've had some thoughts kicking around in my head around fundraising, both from users and corporations but I can't seem to get it in email yet).

My goal with the Marketing brainstorming is to focus on marketing - who are our audiences, what messages are we trying to deliver, and how (through what vehicles) can we deliver those messages.


On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 10:31 AM, Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com> wrote:


+1 - this sounds like a great idea.  I think a BoF at GUADEC is very

As I mentioned in an email a few days ago, I'd like to brainstorm some
ideas around marketing our GNOME 3.0 next year.

Selfishly, Stormy and I have signed up to have a BoF at GUADEC in July
to present this plan out - but we need your help to build the plan!
(Don't know if the BoF will be accepted yet, but I'd like to be prepared).

What other topics should we think about?  I'm going to try and moderate
the discussion to keep us on track as well, so I apologize in advance if
I offend anyone.  However, we are brainstorming - no idea is a bad
idea!  Please share your ideas and thoughts, but as we go through this
process keep on topic.

While GNOME 3.0 is very important, and probably should be the major
focus of our attention now; I think there are also some general
marketing topics that would benefit from some attention.  Improving
GNOME's ability to sell merchandise via the web, reaching out and
finding new corporate sponsors, etc.  I wonder if it might be good to
spend some time also focusing on such general issues.


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