GNOME 3.0 Marketing Plan Kickoff

Hi Marketing team!

As I mentioned in an email a few days ago, I'd like to brainstorm some ideas around marketing our GNOME 3.0 next year.

Selfishly, Stormy and I have signed up to have a BoF at GUADEC in July to present this plan out - but we need your help to build the plan!  (Don't know if the BoF will be accepted yet, but I'd like to be prepared).

What I'd like to propose is this:  Over the next few weeks we brainstorm a number of topics on the list.  I will keep notes and update a page on with our brainstorming ideas. 

One idea per email thread, and as talk dies down on one topic, we'll move on to the next.

Topics that we might want to start with:

Audience:  Who should we be communicating GNOME 3.0 to? Who are our audiences?  Why?

Message:  Once the audiences are defined, different audiences should have different messages.  What are those messages for each audience?

Marketing vehicles:  With the audience and message defined, what kind of marketing vehicles should we be targeting to reach those audiences?  (For example, mailing lists probably work for developers, but not users).

We probably need to define a goal or overall strategy as well.

What other topics should we think about?  I'm going to try and moderate the discussion to keep us on track as well, so I apologize in advance if I offend anyone.  However, we are brainstorming - no idea is a bad idea!  Please share your ideas and thoughts, but as we go through this process keep on topic.

I'd like thoughts and feedback, and if there is some agreement, we can start brainstorming our "Audiences" tomorrow.


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