Re: New Project: GNOME YouTube Video Contest

I think we should definitely accept (and encourage) submissions in all languages.

We could have language categories, "best Brazilian video."


On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 5:36 AM, Jonh Wendell <jwendell gnome org> wrote:
Em Ter, 2009-03-17 às 14:32 -0600, Stormy Peters escreveu:
> So how about ...
>       * a GNOME video contest
>       * several categories: best demo, funniest, most GNOME love,
>         mobile, ...
>       * videos submitted to a GNOME website (like the Linux Foundation
>         one,
>       * submitters agree that to a creative commons type license (LF
>         used Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license) that enables us
>         to display the video at a conference and repost to and
>         YouTube.
>       * winners decided by a panel of judges
>       * Contest is open from May 1, 2009-June 30th.
>       * Winners announced and videos displayed at GUADEC and winning
>         video displayed on the GNOME homepage for 2 weeks.
>       * Winner of each category gets airfare to the event of their
>         choosing in the next year. (Don't have budget for this yet.)
>         Thoughts?
> Alternatively, we could have a video of the month, every month. And
> the winner gets something ... and then have a best video of the year
> award and that person gets ...
> Stormy

I second the idea, it's really amazing.

One suggestion though: Will it possible to organize videos by language?
I mean, Brazil has lots, lots of GNOME users, and I'm sure lots of
Brazilian people will want to make videos and other lots will want to
watch them.

Jonh Wendell

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