Re: New Project: GNOME YouTube Video Contest

Hallo all

What do you think about a possibility to provide a localized subtitles
for videos like Demonstration of GNOME, how-to or tutorial videos?
Depends on final choose of contest topics of course... Subtitles for a
funny video has a pretty low priority :)

Here in Czech Republic we have just few active gnome users so we're
permanently in lack of localized materials. I may only hope there will
be at least few czech videos, if any.

It would be interresting for such communities as big as czech to be able
to offer "serious" "promo"/gnome-related videos with subtitles.
Lucas "Drom" Lommer

Mail: llommer svn gnome org
IRC: Drom @
Jabber: drom jabber org

You can talk Czech, English, Slovak and a bit German to me :)

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