Re: Launching New Friends of GNOME: need review for two sentences for

2009/1/12 Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org>:
> Hi Marketing folks,
> We're launching the New Friends of GNOME page and we need a couple of
> sentences for and a small paragraph to go out in an email to
> press.
> Why is it cool?
> - GNOME is supported by volunteers with time and money
> - We get a lot of unsolicited donations
> - We want to make sure they are recognized and make it easy
> - Introducing "micro-payments", small, monthly donations via credit card or
> paypal. (Not sure $10/month qualifies as "micro"!)

Question/suggestion: are you considering student rate, à la FSF?

> Sentences for front page of
>> New Friends of GNOME program launched! A big thanks to all our supporters
>> for their love over 2008 - here's to GNOME's success creating free and open
>> source software for all! Come support free software in 2009 with our new
>> $10/month program ... and a postcard from your favorite hacker!

What about allowing donors to leave a message (à la wikipedia)?

> Paragraph for email:
>> We are excited to tell you that today we launch our new Friends of GNOME
>> program. Now supporters can sign up to help the GNOME Foundation with
>> recurring $10/month donations.

I think that transparency about how this money is used is necessary.
What about anticipating donors - if this is the case - that you will
be publishing detailed financial yearly reports?

>> Friends of GNOME is a way for individuals to support the GNOME project's
>> mission of providing a free and open source desktop for everyone regardless
>> of ability. With no advertising or outreach, we've raised anywhere from
>> $6,000 to $20,000 a year from generous individuals.

Would it be possible to put a link to such generous donors?

>>That money has
>> contributed to the funds for hackfests, local events and programs which in
>> turn have enabled the GNOME project to create an internationalized,
>> accessible and easy to use desktop software for both traditional desktops
>> and for mobile devices.

>> People have requested an easier, more consistent way to donate and we hope
>> our $10/month program will fill that need. We will use the additional funds
>> raised to continue to support our volunteer community in accomplishing our
>> mission of a free and open source desktop for everyone regardless of
>> abilities.

What about publicly state next year goals and objectives?

>> The GNOME project depends on volunteer support from corporations and
>> individuals. Support of both time and money. Please consider signing up for
>> Friends of GNOME today!
> Thoughts welcome! We'll be launching later today.

I hope it helps,


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