Viadeo/LinkedIn/Facebook/Plaxo fundraising

Hi all,

This week, something happened to me for the first time. And like most
things that happened to me for the first time, it made me stand up &
take notice.

I thought it was a really nice, simple idea, executed well. And while I
can't testify to its success, I'm sure it had some.

The email I got was from someone I know and am connected to on Facebook.
I've enclosed it here in full.

> Subject: Want to celebrate my birthday? 
> -----------------------------------------------
> It's my birthday on March 3. This year, instead of gifts, I'm asking
> my friends to donate $30 to my favorite cause, Free Software
> Foundation. $30 from each of you would make a big impact on this
> cause I really care about. Anything you can contribute will help and,
> not only will Free Software Foundation, Inc. really appreciate it,
> but so will I!
> -----------------------------------------------
> Grant ********.'s Birthday Wish [link to custom FSF Cause page with ****'s fundraising goal and total so far]
> or Learn More [link]

Since we are more & more in a social network world, we get more & more
reminders about people we know. I know that Plaxo & Facebook remind me
regularly when people's birthdays are coming up, and I usually get a few
emails, wall posts and the like from people I know. It's a low-cost,
low-maintenance way for people to let me know I'm in their thoughts.

Anyway - I saw this feature on causes, and thought it was interesting
enough to share, before we start getting 5 of these a week, perhaps
GNOME can get a foot up off this Purple Cow.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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